Google Home: How do I integrate Google Home & Glow?


Linking your Glow to your Google Home will be done through the Google Home App. Once linked, you’ll be able to control the device plugged into your Glow with just the sound of your voice.

Before you begin

  1. Set up Google Home
  2. Set up your Glow
  3. Make sure your phone or tablet is connected to the Internet.
  4. Make sure you're signed into the same Google Account that you linked to Google Home

Step 1: Connect your Glow to Google Home

  1. Open the Google Home app unnamed.png
  2. In the top left corner of the Home screen, tap the Menu icon cyXqverHDJ5qtAf8UhywprcJDJUlELCmrYK4.png
  3. Tap Home Control
  4. In the DEVICES tab, at the bottom right tap the Add icon k6SFqnkxmUfXFHYxodt9qC2TsBjHNeLFCUwn.png
  5. Tap "Awair", provide your Awair login details and tap Sign In

Heads Up!: You’ll see two Glow icons for each Glow device linked to your Awair account: one for your Glow’s power switch, and one for your Glow’s nightlight.


Step 2: Assign your Glow to the right room

  1. From the Assign rooms tab, tap “Tap to assign room”
  2. Choose the room your Glow is located
    • To customize the room name, tap Custom Room at the bottom of the list
  3. Select Done in the upper right-hand corner

Step 3: Set a nickname for your Glow

  1. From the DEVICES tab, tap your Glow
  2. Tap Set a nickname
  3. Type a nickname. Tap OK
    • The default nickname will be name of your Glow in the Awair app

Complete Step 2 & Step 3 for all Glow icons in the DEVICES tab

Step 4: Use your voice to control Glow

Now you can use your voice to control your Glow in two ways:

  1. Turn Glow’s power switch on or off
    • Ok Google, turn on the nursery heater
    • Ok Google, turn off the office lamp
  2. Turn Glow's nightlight on or off
    • Ok Google, turn on the bedroom diffuser nightlight
    • Ok Google, turn off the living room fan nightlight

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