Placing and Caring for your Awair Glow

Where should I place my Awair Glow?

Some chemicals, such as CO, are not as dense as the rest of the air around you and tend to rise upwards. Other gasses, such as CO2  do not rise, but remain within standing height or lower to the ground. You’ll want to plug it into an outlet no higher than your head when standing.

Glow is designed for indoor use. Always use Glow in a dry location.

Make sure your Glow can breathe

In order to maintain proper airflow for the most accurate readings, Glow should be situated upright with nothing larger than a standard power cable directly underneath it. Plug your Glow firmly and directly into the wall instead of plugging it into a power strip or surge protector. If Glow seems loose in the electrical socket, contact an electrician to have them inspect the outlet and move the Glow to a different outlet. You can plug a cord into the socket beneath Glow, but blocky adapters and large power supplies will obstruct the airflow needed for accurate measurements. Do not place anything on top of Glow. If your Glow is going to be placed behind or next to any furniture, make sure that it has 1-2 inches of breathing room on each side.

Leave it in place

In order to get the most accurate readings possible, Glow calibrates some of it’s sensors to it’s  environment. Moving it from room to room can temporarily affect the accuracy of the readings.

One Glow can cover roughly 1000 sq. feet. We recommend keeping one in each room where people spend a lot of time.

How should I clean and maintain my Glow?

When cleaning the outside of your Glow use a soft, clean, lint-free cloth. Do not use water, cleaning solutions or any other liquids. Do not insert anything into any openings on your Glow.

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