Awair, Glow and IFTTT

Connecting your Awair account to IFTTT gives you all sorts of cool and useful ways to control your environment. You can get alerts about your air quality, keep a log of air quality, control other devices such as humidifiers, fans, purifiers and much more! Combining Awair’s triggers, Glow’s Actions, and other devices and apps gives you a whole new level of control over the air you breathe.


We already have an IFTTT channel with applets that are ready for use. You can use these premade applets to do things like create a Google spreadsheet that logs rising dust levels, letting you track your dust levels over a long period of time. You can set your WeMo switch to automatically turn on a humidifier when Awair notices a drop in humidity, get colorful notifications from your Philips Hue bulb when carbon dioxide levels rise, or a simple email when VOC levels rise and more! The premade applets are a great starting point, there’s much more you can do by creating your own.

Awair Triggers

Awair is set to trigger IFTTT applets, making Awair the “this” part of the basic formula: If This Then That. The air quality readings that Awair picks up can be used to trigger actions from Glow or other apps and devices. Triggers include high and low temperatures, high and low humidity, high and low carbon dioxide, high and low VOCs and high and low dust levels. Each trigger is customizable, allowing you to select a threshold that corresponds to Awair’s index levels. For example, you can create a trigger that fires when Awair’s VOC index reaches level 3, sending you a push notification so you can open a window.

Glow Actions

Glow can be used for IFTTT actions, making it the “that” part of: If This Then That. You can use IFTTT to control Glow’s outlet, turning it on or off. You can also choose one of the following display modes:

  • Air Status (LED light on)
  • Night Light (LED and Nightlight both on)
  • Light Off (both lights off)



To use IFTTT with Awair you will need to give IFTTT permission to connect to your Awair account. You’ll need to do this separately  for the Awair and Glow services, but you will use the same Awair account login credentials for both.

Setting up premade Applets

  1. Log in or sign up at IFTTT.
  2. Click on “Search” at the top of the screen and search for Awair.
  3. Select the Applet you would like to use.
  4. Click the switch to turn on the applet.
  5. IFTTT will ask for your permission to access your Awair account. Click “OK.”
  6. If prompted, enter your Awair email and password and click “Sign in.”
  7. Configure the Applet using the drop down menus and hit “Save.”

Setting up an Awair Trigger

  1. Log in or sign up at IFTTT.
  2. Click on your name in the upper right corner and select New Applet.
  3. Click +this.
  4. Enter Awair into the search bar and click on the box that says “Awair.”
  5. If prompted to connect Awair and IFTTT, click on “connect” and enter your Awair email and password.
  6. Select the trigger you want to use.
  7. Use the drop-down menus to configure the Trigger, then click on “Create trigger.”

Setting up a Glow Action

  1. After setting up a Trigger, click on +that.
  2. Enter Awair Glow into the search bar and click on the box that says “Awair Glow.”
  3. If prompted to connect Awair and IFTTT, click on “connect” and enter your Awair email and password.
  4. Select the action you want to use.
  5. Use the drop-down menus to configure the Action, then click on “Create action”
  6. Click “Finish.”


A few ideas to get you started

Integrating IFTTT with Awair opens up a host of possibilities for environmental monitoring and control. The applets we’ve created already are just the start! Here’s a few ideas to get you going:

If Awair detects high temperatures in your child’s room, then Glow lights up to alert you in your living room.

When you have a young child, it’s important to make sure the temperature in their room is cool in the summer. Creating an applet like this can help you keep an eye on the temperature so if it gets too warm while they’re napping, you can turn on a fan or air conditioner to keep them cool

If the humidity drops too low in your bedroom, then your WeMo humidifier turns on.

Keeping your room at the proper humidity can help you sleep comfortably and help prevent things like asthma and allergy attacks. An applet like this can keep you comfortable while you sleep.

If the dust levels in the living room get too high, then you and your kids all get an email.

They’re supposed to dust when they clean. They’re slacking on their chores. You know it. They know it. And now they know you know it.

If you arrive at home, then your Glow’s outlet is activated, turning on the air conditioner that’s plugged into it.

It may be minor, but it’s one less thing you have to deal with after a long day at work during the summer.

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