Known Issue: Android 8.0 Oreo Bluetooth Setup Issues


Recently, Google began rolling out a new update to their Android operating system. Select phones are being updated to Android 8.0, AKA Oreo. This new update to Android appears to currently have a bug that is causing many people to report problems with Bluetooth. In these cases, users are reporting either an inability to find or connect to Bluetooth enabled devices, an inability to maintain a stable connection to devices, or the phone’s Bluetooth simply shutting off.


We’ve gotten a number of reports from users with Android 8.0 Oreo who are running into problems during setup.

After tapping on the + button to add a new device, the normal Bluetooth setup screen appears.

After tapping on the FIND AWAIR button, an error message appears that says “Please Try Again”. After the FIND AWAIR button is pressed again, the same error message appears.  


What are we doing?

We are currently doing a full investigation into the setup process and how Awair works with Bluetooth. However, given that this is a widespread issue with the Android operating system, we do not expect that we will be able to fix this issue ourselves.

Google is aware of the problem and they are also investigating and working to fix the issue. Once they push out an update to fix the bug that was introduced, we fully expect that this problem will be solved.

We appreciate your patience while we investigate and await an update to Android from Google!

For more information on the problem and what Google is doing to fix it, please take a look at this article from Android Police:


If you are having problems with setup and are not using Android 8.0, please let us know at

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