Awair Element TVOC MAC Address Lookup


It recently came to our attention that the embedded software used by the manufacturer of our TVOC sensor was improperly implemented. This caused some Awair Element TVOC sensor baselines to calibrate incorrectly, resulting in the sensor values to report at abnormally high levels during an extended self-calibration period. While the relative changes in reported values would have been directionally correct, the absolute parts per billion (ppb) may not have reported correctly during this period.

In light of this event, our latest firmware update, version "1.1.5.hf10" released to the affected devices includes the proper application of the on-sensor inceptive baseline feature. This feature allows the sensor to report more realistic values out-of-the-box, but the 12-24 hours learning period is still necessary for accurate readings going forward. We’ve also embarked on an effort to evaluate and standardize the way the sensing technology inside your Awair measures and reports TVOCs.


To verify whether your Awair Element is affected, locate the MAC Address of your device and enter it below. Please use only numbers and letters in the cell below.

Can't locate your MAC Address?
You can find your device number on the rear lower right corner of the device in black font, beginning with the number "70886B".

Please note, if your MAC is included, there is no action currently required. Our Engineering Team has deployed the necessary firmware update to your device, you may validate this by checking your device settings and confirming your firmware version is "1.1.5.hf10" via the Awair App. As the update takes effect, you may observe your readings change as your TVOC sensor baseline is recalibrating.




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