Shared Device Explained

What is a Shared device?

If your office, school, gym or any other place you visit manages its indoor air quality with Awair, then it can choose to share its IAQ data via a URL that looks like this:[...]


When you are shared the URL and access it via your mobile device, you can add the device to your Awair Home device list by clicking on the "Switch to the App" button.


The device will be added to the "Shared" tab and you can check on its IAQ whenever you want in the Awair Home app (Android only for now).


How can I have access to more Shared devices?

If you know an office, school or any place that uses Awair devices to monitor indoor air quality, then simply ask the place manager to share the Awair Share URL ([...]) and access it on your mobile device to view the device on your Awair Home app.

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