Awair Element Sensi Thermostat Integration


This article describes how Awair integrates with Sensi, basic functionality, and additional troubleshooting steps if you encounter any problems.




Setting Up Sensi

Emerson’s Sensi thermostat integrates directly with Awair devices, allowing you to use sensor readings to directly trigger your HVAC system. Awair devices will activate your HVAC’s fan mode to circulate air in your home and improve your air quality. Your Awair devices must first be registered within the Awair app. Please follow these instructions to connect your Awair device with Sensi: 

  1. Open the Awair App, navigate to the device you’d like to integrate with, and press the “Awair+” tab. 
  2. Navigate to the “Sensi Thermostat” section, and press “Connect with Sensi.” 
  3. Sign in to your Sensi account.
  4. Agree to the Sensi terms and conditions
  5. Select your Sensi thermostat 
  6. Select the air factor levels that will trigger air circulation. 
  7. Click “Save” to finalize your Sensi integration! 


Basic Functionality 

The Awair-Sensi integration allows your HVAC fan circulation system to be triggered by your indoor air quality. You can have multiple Awair devices set up to a single thermostat. You must also have a fan in your HVAC system for this integration to work properly; Awair devices cannot directly control the heating or cooling components.

Depending on your Awair device’s sensors, you can set up to 3 air factor triggers (CO2, VOCs, P.M. 2.5) to trigger the fan circulation using your Awair app. You can only adjust the settings of this integration through the Awair app. Once triggered, your Awair will turn the fan to “On” mode until the air quality levels decrease below your set thresholds. The fan will run for up to 12 hours continuously if these conditions are not improved, and then will cool off (return to “Auto”) for one hour. After this cool-down period, if your air quality is still above specified levels, the fan will begin running again.

You can manually override an Awair thermostat event by selecting “Auto” mode within the Sensi app. However, the fan will continue to be triggered until you manually change the air quality threshold or remove your air trigger conditions.



Why won’t my Awair device trigger Sensi?

Check to make sure your thresholds are being exceeded. There will be up to 60 seconds of delay between when your air quality thresholds are exceeded and your HVAC fan activates.


Why does Awair keep triggering my fan’s circulation?

Your air factor thresholds may be too low. To change the frequency of events, please adjust your Awair air factor settings.


Why won’t my fan stop running?

Your fan will continue to run while the air quality is below the standard you specified in the Awair+ tab. Sensi will continuously run the HVAC fan for up to 12 hours, upon which it will enter a 1 hour cool-down period.


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