Connecting via Bluetooth

Product: Awair Glow

Awair communicates with your iOS mobile device using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

To pair your Awair Device to Bluetooth:

Use the Awair app from the App store to pair your iOS device with your Awair Device

  1. Put your Awair device in pairing mode. (indicated with a glowing blue dot)
    NOTE: If nothing shows up on Awair device, please follow the instructions under “Nothing shows on the Awair display.”
  2. Open the Awair iOS app.
  3. Select Find Awair. The app scans for your Awair Device and prompts for a code.
  4. Enter the four-digit code.

The Awair Device is connected successfully.

Important Note:

  • Incase your device is deleted from the app using ‘Delete This Device’ on the Settings, you need to reset the Awair device in order to use it.
  • If your device is previously owned by someone else, you need to reset the device.

For more information, refer "Resetting Awair".  


If you’re having trouble pairing with Awair over BLE:

Check for the following requirements,

  • Mobile device with iOS 8 or later and Android 4.3 or later.
  • Ensure the mobile device's Bluetooth is ON.
  • Awair device must be plugged in and connected to power.
  • Ensure you are within Bluetooth range (15 feet) of Awair.
  • No other devices must be actively connected with Awair over Bluetooth.
  • Try rebooting your phone.

Forget pairing and re-pairing the Awair Device

If your mobile device has been previously paired or has been partially paired (unable to finish the pairing process) with Awair, you can follow these steps:

  1.  Select “Find Awair” and "Connect to Wi-Fi" (or)

  2.  Select ‘Forget’ Awair in your device’s Bluetooth settings. (Navigate to Settings > Bluetooth, tap the 'info' icon next to Awair, and then click ‘Forget this Device.’)

Then you can return to the Awair app and try to reconnect. (Refer to the above section To pair your Awair Device to Bluetooth)


Android: Please read Bluetooth issues on Android to make sure you have all the right settings. 

If you’re still unable to connect Awair Device to Bluetooth, you can unplug Awair, wait for 5 seconds approx., and then re-plug Awair into the power source.

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