Connecting via Bluetooth

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Check to make sure both App and device is ready:

Awair communicates with your mobile device using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). On your iOS device, make sure to turn your Bluetooth on by navigating to Settings > Bluetooth and flipping the switch to ‘On.’ Return to the Awair app to finish the setup process. Alternatively, you can also turn on Bluetooth using the iOS Control Center.

Make sure there is a glowing blue dot on the Awair device (which indicates that it is in Pairing Mode and ready to pair with your mobile device). If nothing shows up on Awair device, please follow the instructions under “Nothing shows on the Awair display.”

Tap “Find Awair”, and the app will scan for your Awair, and then prompt you to pair by entering 4 digit code.

If you have deleted the device from the app by pressing ‘Delete This Device’ on the Settings, you have to reset the Awair device in order to use it. If your device is previously owned by someone else, you need to reset the device too. For instructions on resetting the device, please read "Resetting Awair".  


If you’re having trouble pairing with Awair over BLE:

- Make sure your mobile device is supports iOS 8 or later and Android 4.3 or later 

- Make sure your mobile device has Bluetooth turned on

- Make sure Awair is plugged in and connected to power

- Make sure you are within Bluetooth range of Awair (about 15 feet)

- Make sure no other devices are actively connected with Awair over Bluetooth

- Reboot your phone 

- iOS: If your mobile device has been previously paired with Awair, or if you’ve been able to partially pair with Awair but have been unable to finish the pairing process, you can just skip the process by tapping “Find Awair” and "Connect to Wi-Fi" or may need to ‘Forget’ Awair in your device’s Bluetooth settings before proceeding. To forget Awair in your device’s Bluetooth settings: Navigate to Settings > Bluetooth, tap the 'info' icon next to Awair, and then tap ‘Forget this Device.’ Then return to the Awair app and try again.

 - Android: Please read Bluetooth issues on Android to make sure you have all the right setting. 

If you’re still unable to connect Awair to Bluetooth, try unplugging Awair, waiting 5 seconds, and then replugging Awair into power.

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