Connecting Awair to a WEP network

Most Wi-Fi networks use one of two types of password protection, or encryption. The newer and more secure of these types is called WPA. The older and less secure of these types is called WEP.

We recommend connecting Awair to a WPA network. However, if you choose to connect to a WEP network, you'll need to enter your WEP key in hexidecimal format as Awair does not support ASCII passwords for WEP networks.

A WEP key in hexadecimal format uses only alphanumeric characters (0123456789abcdef), and is at least 10 characters long for 40-bit encrypted networks or at least 26 characters long for 128-bit encrypted networks.

If you don't know your WEP key, you'll need to look it up by visiting your router's configuration page through a web browser.

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