How does Awair help babies?

We’ve designed a special edition of Awair to help keep the air around your baby clean and healthy. With 2 charming colors, Ocean and Baby Rose, Awair Baby is the perfect product to light up your nursery. The rounded corners make the product a fun, yet safe, air quality monitor that can help keep your indoor environment balanced. We took special care to choose copolymer as the casing to make sure Awair baby is toxin-free.

We’ve added a baby preference to our app so that you can optimize your device specifically for your nursery. You can keep an eye on your baby even when you are out of the room and instantly know when the air quality drops. Our tips and recommendations have been crafted to help you quickly improve the air around your baby. You can also track the status of the air in your nursery over time to find out ways to live healthier.

This product may not be available in all areas. Click here to check availability and purchasing options.

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