What can Glow do?

Glow measures Temperature, Humidity, CO2, and Chemicals (VOCs) levels in your indoor environment, producing an Awair Score from these compounds' aggregate levels. The score ranges from 0 to 100, with 0 indicating very poor quality and 100 representing ideal conditions. 


You will see four graphs of dots on the homepage of the app. These dots represent the four sensors in Glow and their corresponding environmental concentrations. They are show in the order: Temperature, Humidity, CO2, and Chemicals (VOCs). Fewer dots mean the air is healthier. It's important to note that the bar graph doesn’t represent the increase or decrease in temperature and humidity.  

Our Awair score is meant to help you better understand your environment and also help provide you with actionable insights. You'll find many recommendations in our app to help you live healthier. 

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