Failed To Connect To The Server

If your Awair Glow can't reach our server, please check the following:

Step 1 : Check internet connection

One potential could be your Wi-Fi network. If so, please check the following: 

  • Make sure Awair Glow is within range of your wireless network
  • Make sure you have a 2.4 GHz network (Awair Glow does not currently support 5 GHz only wireless networks)
  • Make sure your wireless network has an internet connection, and that other devices are able to connect to it and get online
  • Make sure your mobile device is within Bluetooth range of Awair Glow (about 25 feet)
  • Make sure your mobile device has an internet connection
  • Make sure you entered your wireless network password correctly

If you’re still unable to connect Awair Glow to Wi-Fi, try unplugging Awair Glow, waiting 5 seconds, and then replugging Awair Glow into power. Then try again. You can also try connecting and disconnecting your wireless router. 

Step 2 : Check whether or not you are on Public Network or Enterprise Private Network that requires configuration to get on the internet:

Currently, Awair Glow can’t connect to the open Wi-Fi network that requires additional configuration to get on the internet such as the one at the coffee shops, hotels, public spaces and etc. Awair Glow also doesn’t support the connection to the enterprise private network yet. In our next update, we will provide ways to connect to these types of Wi-Fi Network.

Step 3 : Delete the ownership

If your device was registered before with other user, you need to remove it from that account to be able to activate Awair Glow. Please log in from the registered account and click the "Delete the device" button on the bottom side of the app Settings. 

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