What is the Eco-Motion trigger?

The Eco-Motion triggers based on the Glow’s motion sensor, which is located in front of the device. If Glow doesn’t detect any motion for more than 10 minutes, the Night Light will turn off automatically. If Glow detects movement, the Night Light will turn on. You can also set triggers for devices plugged into Glow by using Eco-Motion triggers.  

It's easy to set up your Eco-Motion trigger


  • Plug-in the device you want to use with Awair Glow on. Please make sure your device has a mechanical power switch.
  • Choose the device from the icon list after you select AWAIR+ tab on the app

  • Select 'Eco-Motion' to have your device turn on when there is movement detected in the space. If no motion is detected for 10 minutes, it will automatically turn off until there is movement again. 


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