What is Awair 2nd Edition?

What does Awair 2nd Edition("Awair") do

- Awair equips you with the tools to know and control your air so you can
protect your family’s indoor air quality.
- Awair’s responsive and accurate sensors will let you know the moment
anything happens to your air, helping you and your family stay safe.
- Awair gives you personalized recommendations that are proven to improve the health and
safety of your air.

What does Awair detect

- Awair’s sensors identify five key factors that determine your air quality with accuracy: fine dust(PM2.5), chemicals (VOCs), CO2, relative humidity, and temperature.

- Awair’s laser fine dust sensor will let you know your dust levels.

Accessing and Using Awair 2nd Edition data

- At a glance, you can see your air quality on Awair or on the Awair app. You can also
track your air health over time.
- Your Awair Score is a color-coded scale to let you know the overall quality of your air.

Why Everyone Needs Awair 2nd Edition

- Outdoor fine dust is very dangerous, yet indoor air can be 5x more polluted than outside.
- Your air impacts allergies, asthma, concentration, sleep quality, and much more.
- Testing air purifier.
- Strictest Standards

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