Awair 2nd Edition Trade In Program

To celebrate the recent release of Awair Second Edition and to express our appreciation for our Awair family, we will be holding the “Awair 2nd Edition Trade-In Program” for the Awair (Awair 1st Edition) owners..

What is the Awair 2nd Edition Trade In program?

You will now have the opportunity to trade in your current Awair (Awair 1st Edition) for a new Awair 2nd Edition at a discount of half the original price.

Who is eligible?

The trade-in program is only applicable to original purchaser who bought directly from Awair or one of the authorized resellers. 

What is the difference between Awair and Awair 2nd Edition?

Although it looks very similar to Awair, Awair 2nd Edition is our latest solution that includes more acute readings of harmful Fine Dust (PM2.5) and further personalized recommendations to help you stay healthy.

If you learn more, read our Awair vs Awair 2nd edition" article!


  1. Fill out the application form here.
  2. We’ll email you a return label for you to ship your Awair back to us.
  3. Once we’ve received your Awair, we’ll email you a link with a custom discount code for 50% off an Awair 2nd Edition.

If you any questions about this program, please contact us!

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