How do I connect Nest with Awair?

The Awair + Nest integration helps you automatically ventilate your air when CO2 concentrations rise too much or when there are lots of dust suddenly came in the air around you. Connecting your Nest with your Awair make you always be sure the air in your room stays fresh throughout the day and the night.

You can integrate Nest with Awair with following steps: 



Step 1: You can set up the CO2/VOCs/Dust ranges to trigger your Nest fan in the initial integration. In the Awair app, click on "Awair+" on the bottom of the screen


Step 2: Click on “Nest Thermostat”


Step 3: Login to your Nest account

Step 4: Select with Nest device you want to connect to

Step 5: In the Awair + screen, select the CO2/VOCs/Dust indexes you want to trigger your Nest devices.  (Note: At this time, you can only trigger based on the Awair designated indexes, not specific CO2 ppm levels, VOCs ppm levels or Dust μg/m3 levels.)


Step 6: Click on ‘Save’ and enjoy your home automation!

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