Maintenance and Safety

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This article provides key information on allowing your Glow C to operate safely, such as wall specifications and cleaning instructions.

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Plugging in Glow

Only plug Glow C into an indoor, three-pronged electrical wall outlet. In order to maximize airflow around the device, it should be oriented upright in the socket, with nothing larger than a standard power cable in the alternative socket. If Glow C does not fit tightly into your electrical socket, do not insert it and contact an electrician to fix the outlet. Do not place objects on top of Glow C and do not plug Glow C into an extension cord. To ensure accurate readings, the Glow C device should have at least one inch of space on all sides.

Glow C is rated for 100 ~ 125VAC, 50/60Hz, 14A Max, and 1700W. Glow C will shut down automatically if these specifications are exceeded.


Cleaning Your Device

Use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean Glow C’s surface. Do not use water or other liquid cleaning solutions, as this may cause electrical problems. Do not insert objects into your Glow C’s electrical socket or ventilation holes, as this may cause bodily harm or permanently damage Glow C. If objects are stuck in Glow C’s sockets or you require additional cleaning, please contact our customer success team.


Opening your Device

Do not open your device for cleaning or maintenance. Opening your device, especially when connected to a power outlet, can be very dangerous. Disassembly of any kind will void your warranty and render you ineligible for a refund. See our article on Glow C’s warranty and refund policy for more information.

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