Glow C with Google Home

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This article describes how Glow C integrates with Google Home, basic functionality, and additional troubleshooting steps if you encounter any difficulties.

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Basic Functionality

Glow integrates with Google Home as a device integration. The integration will allow you to control the Glow night light and the built in Glow outlet. Linking your Glow C to your Google Home (speaker + app) can be done through the Google Home app. Once linked, you’ll be able to control the device plugged into your Glow and the nightlight via voice command.


Setting up Google Home

 Before you begin:

  1. Set up Google Home

  2. Set up your Glow C

  3. Make sure your mobile device or tablet is connected to WiFi

  4. Make sure you're signed into the same Google Account that you linked to Google Home


Step 1: Connect your Glow to Google Home

  1. Open the Google Home app 

  2. Tap the button to add a new device

  3. Tap “Set up device”

  4. Tap “Works with Google”

  5. Search "Awair", provide your Awair login details and tap “Sign In”


Link your Awair account and Google Home account here: Awair Google Home Service

(for the Awair 2nd Edition and Google Assistant integration, go here) 

Heads Up!

You’ll see two Glow C icons for each Glow C device linked to your Awair account: one for your Glow C ’s power switch (outlet), and one for your Glow C's nightlight. 


Step 2: Choose how you’d like the device to function

  1. Switch

  2. Night Light

Select “Next” in the lower right-hand corner


Step 3: Assign your Glow C to the right room

  1. You’ll see your existing rooms under “My rooms”

  2. Assign Glow C to a new room by tapping “Create new”

Select “Next” in the lower right-hand corner


Step 4: Use voice commands to control your Glow C

Now, you can use your voice to:

  • Turn Glow’s power switch on or off

“OK Google, turn on the nursery heater.”

“OK Google, turn off the office lamp.”

  • Turn Glow's night light on or off

“OK Google, turn on the bedroom diffuser nightlight.”

“OK Google, turn off the living room fan night light.”


Troubleshooting Problems

  • Google reacts to extremely specific voice commands. If your device is not being triggered, please make sure you are calling the exact device name. 

  • If Glow cannot be onboarded to Google Home, you may need to perform a Power Cycle or Factory Reset. If this does not solve the problem, please restart your router. 

If these instructions do not work, please contact our customer support team to assist you.

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