Integrating Awair Element with Amazon Alexa

Product: Awair Element

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Awair aims to change the way you understand and interact with the air around you. Amazon’s Echo and its intelligent personal assistant, Alexa, aim to change the way you interact with your home. Together, Awair and Alexa give you a powerful set of tools to help you understand and control your home environment. This article will help you set up and use Awair and Alexa together.

Linking your Awair to Alexa is done through the Amazon Alexa app. Once linked, you’ll be able to ask Awair for insights about your air quality, Awair Score,  and specific sensor conditions with the sound of your voice.

(If you're integrating Awair Glow/Glow C and Google Home, click here)



  1. Ensure completion of your Amazon Alexa set up.
  2. Ensure completion of your Awair Element set up.
  3. Ensure your phone or tablet is connected to the Internet
  4. Ensure you're signed into the same Amazon account that is linked to Amazon Alexa



Getting started with Awair and Alexa


1. Open the Amazon Alexa app. Tap the menu button in the upper left corner. 1.png
2. From the menu, tap on Skills 2.jpg
3. From the All Skills screen tap in the search bar and search for Awair. 3.png
4. Tap on Awair 4.png
5. Tap the Enable button 5.png
6. This will bring up a login screen. Once you log in, your setup will be complete. 6.png



At the end of the process you will be able to successfully link Awair Element with Amazon Alexa.


What can I ask Alexa?

You can say:
“Alexa, ask Awair about the temperature”
“Alexa, ask Awair about the humidity”
“Alexa, ask Awair about my CO2”
“Alexa, ask Awair about chemicals” (You can also say VOC instead or chemicals)
“Alexa, ask Awair about my dust levels”

Or to simply hear about your overall air quality you can say “Alexa, ask Awair about the air quality”

If you’d like suggestions on how to improve your air quality, you can say “Alexa, ask Awair how I can improve my chemicals” or “Alexa, ask Awair how I can improve my dust levels”

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