How Can Multiple People View Awair Element via Awair App?

Product: Awair Element



You can invite friends and family members to see Awair Element air quality data by inviting them to use the Awair app. These invited members can see the air data readings but will be unable to change settings. Only the account that on-boards Awair Element can change interests, personal details, and integrations. If you want to change this administrative account, you must perform a Factory Reset and onboard the device again.


See below for instructions on how to invite new users to view your air quality data.

Please note the Admin account must be used to do the following:

  1. Open Awair App installed on your mobile phone
  2. Tap bullet point list in upper left hand corner
  3. Tap house with gear in upper right hand corner
  4. Scroll half way down the page tap on “Guest: Invite/Edit Guest
  5. Tap to “Invite guest 
  6. Enter the email of the guest you’d like to invite to view Awair trend data



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