Viewing and exporting / downloading your sensor data from the Dashboard

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Using your Metrics Page

    • This is your homepage and the best place to visualize your Air Factors by device. 

    • You can always get back to this page by clicking on the “Awair” logo on the top left of any page on the dashboard.

    • While viewing specific devices or time ranges, it is easy to share your current view with a colleague. Copy the full URL in your browser window and send to someone else who has access to the same Dashboard Organization.




Exporting Your Data

    • Click on the icon on the upper left hand corner to bring up the side menu.

    • Click on “Export Data”. On the next screen, select the devices from which you would like data exported. You can check one or multiple devices at a time. 

    • At the bottom of the screen you will see two buttons “Timeframe” and “Air Factors.”

    • Click “Timeframe” and select the time range for your dataset.

    • Click “Air Factors” and select one, many, or all of the sensor factors to export.

    • Click the blue “Export” button.

    • You will see a .zip file exporting to your computer’s downloads location. Double click on the downloaded file and the folder it contains will have a .csv file for each device you selected.

    • Open the .csv file in your preferred spreadsheet application to view your dataset.


Viewing Your Weekly Reports

    • Click on the icon on the upper left hand corner to bring up the side menu.

    • Click on “Weekly Report”. On the next screen, you will see the average summary for all of your devices.

    • To view the summary by location or to change the date range, select from the dropdowns underneath the “Weekly Report” header on the page.


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