Awair Outdoor Feature

What does AQI represent?

Air Quality Index (AQI PM2.5) represents the level of air pollution. The higher the AQI value, the greater the level of air pollution. The AQI values range across 6 levels from Good too Hazardous. Please refer to for more AQI details from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.


How does Awair collect the outdoor AQI values?

The outdoor AQI values shown in the Awair AQI Map are calculated from the PM2.5 values based on information provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, AQICN, or PurpleAir outdoor sensor network.




What do the numbers mean in the Awair Map?

The Awair Map gives you a quick glance at the neighborhood averages and outdoor air. The "Outdoor AQI" is your neighborhood outdoor AQI, the "My AQI" number represents your Awair device's Fine Dust PM2.5 value. If you have multiple devices registered to your account, this number will be an average of all device Fine Dust PM2.5 values. Please note that your data is only visible to you and all neighborhood averages are anonymized. 



How is the "My AQI" value calculated?

The value listed as "My AQI" is a 10-minute time-weighted average of your Awair Element's Fine Dust PM2.5 reading.


Can I opt-out of the Outdoor feature?

You can opt-out at any time by deleting the location data in your Awair Home settings. To learn more about how to set/remove location data, please refer to this article: How to set your Awair Home's location

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