How can I know if my device is Awair V1 or not?

Due to the similar design, many people are not sure if their device is Awair V1 or V2. Here are some tips to distinguish Awair V1 and V2.



1. Power Cable

Awair V1 and V2 are with different types of power cables. If your device is working with USB-C, it means your device is Awair V2. 

2. KC ID vs. Model

Device detailed information is written on the back of the device. If you are with V2, its model name, "AWAIR Rev2", would be written. However, If you are using Awair V1, you cannot find its model name. Instead, you would fine KC ID.

3. Hole vs. Button

Awair V1 and V2 have slightly different backplate designs. If you are using Awair V2, you can find a button there. However, if you are with Awair V1, you can find a hole instead of the button.


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