Connecting Awair to an Enterprise Network

For IT professionals supporting Awair and Glow devices on corporate, network, and high-security networks, please contact for support.

At a glance:

●  Awair and Glow require outgoing TCP+TLS connections on ports 8883 and 443.
●  The connection on port 8883 is indefinite, the connection on port 443 is intermittent.

●  Every Awair and Glow device has a standard MAC-48 address listed on the device, for adding device-specific permissions.

●  Awair and Glow do not support networks requiring secondary authentication, login portals, or managed login networks. A device-specific access exception will be required in these cases.
●  Awair and Glow will operate on 2.4Ghz b/g/n networks. 5Ghz-only wifi networks are not supported.

1. TCP port

Nominal security firewall configurations will commonly allow outgoing connections from devices, but high security configurations may disallow all traffic and specific connection exceptions will need to be set for the Awair. If your network is running with a restrictive firewall, you will need to ensure policies are set that allow the Awair device to make outgoing TCP connections on ports 8883 and 443.

2. White-listed network

If you are running with a “white-listed” network, then only specifically allowed devices will be able to connect, or possibility limited to no access to the outside internet. If this is the case, you will be able to add your Awair device to the white-list via the MAC address. The Awair unit itself has a unique network MAC address, just like any other network-connected computer. You can find the MAC address is on the back of the unit, with the format of “70886B1xxxxx”.

3. Managed Login Access Points

The Awair units does not currently support login to managed access points (requiring a secondary input of username and password to be granted access). Connection exception might need to be set from the IT department with Awair’s MAC address if you are connecting to a managed access point.

4. Additional Network setting

The Awair and Glow device do not support 5Gz-only wifi networks. 802.11 b/g/n (mixed) access is recommended, as for "N only" or "AC only" modes, some routers have very strict access rules and your device may not be able to connect.

Awair connection details

The Awair uses one long-term secure communications to send data back to the Awair servers. After connecting to your wireless network, the Awair will open an outgoing TCP connection on port 8883 to the Awair server, and the connection will be secured with standard TLS encryption. If this connection is severed, the Awair unit will continuously attempt to re-establish it. Once per day, the Awair unit will check if any firmware updates are available. This check is done again via a TCP connection using TLS security and the HTTPS protocol, initiated on port 443 to the Awair servers. All connections the Awair uses are outgoing connections, and no incoming connections are made.

The Awair until will calculate and show the air quality score and the 5 index values even if the connection is not successful, but without a successful server connection the score data will not reach our servers and thus not be visible in the app on your phone or tablet.

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