Using Awair Display Mode

Product: Awair Omni

Note: Awair Business Dashboard is only compatible with Awair Business App and must be activated internally before you can access it. If you’re interested in setting up an Awair Business account with us, please click here to get in touch with our sales team.


With the Display Mode feature, Awair Dashboard subscribers may display the current IAQ data of an Awair device on any other device that can connect to the internet - think of a tablet or TV in the lobby of a corporate office, on a tablet at a dentist’s office, or on a mobile phone prior to heading to a gym. You can present sensor data on a monitor or share the URL to promote air quality awareness with your employees, tenants, or visitors to your building.



1. What data is displayed?

  • 5-minute average IAQ data of a specific device, this includes the Awair Score and the individual sensor values.

  • Organization name, device name, device’s Location/Floor (configured in your Dashboard).



2. How often is the data refreshed?

  • The displayed data is 5-minute average data and is refreshed every 5 minutes.

3. How do I enable the Awair Display Mode feature?

  • From the Device Management tab in your Dashboard, find the Awair device you'd like to share, click on the “Display Mode” button inside the device tile, then the URL will be shown.

Note: Only Organization Managers and Location Managers can enable this feature.

4. How do I present the sensor data?

  • Any monitor or TV that can connect to the internet and load an internet browser can be used as a display.

  • The latest versions of Google Chrome and Apple Safari are recommended. The latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer are also compatible.

5. Who can access the Display Mode page?

  • Anyone with the Display Mode URL can access the page without the need for Dashboard login or approval from the Organization.

6. How do I customize the display? What can I change?

  • As part of #3 above (How do I enable the Awair Display Mode feature?): there is a step where you can make some choices of how the data appears on the display.
      • Theme: Awair = the background color of the main display will reflect the Good/Fair/Poor color of the Awair Score, Light = the background will be white (#ffffff), Dark = the background color will be near black (#212529)
      • Primary Factor: you have the option to change what is highlighted in the main part of the screen (the larger, left side). The options are: Score, Temperature, Humidity, CO₂, TVOCs, PM2.5



  • From the Display Mode screen: there is a "computer screen with a gear" icon in the top right menu when you move the cursor or scroll on the screen, which will open a settings modal (see below):




  • [Advanced] From the URL: even after the Display Mode has been shared, it is possible to modify the appearance and a limited number of settings by changing the URL query parameters as follows:{{ share-code }}&tempUnit={{ tempUnit }}&theme={{ theme }}&factor={{ factor }}
  • {{ share-code }} - your device's unique share code
  • {{ tempUnit }} - C or F (must be capitalized, default: C - which can also be modified via Personalization Settings)
  • {{ theme }} - awair, dark, or light
  • {{ factor }} - score, temp, humid, co2, voc, pm25




7. What is the "star" icon (☆★) in the top right?

  • When you access the Display Mode URL from a mobile device, you can "favorite" a device, which saves it to the left side "hamburger" menu. This acts as a bookmark for viewing later. This will also prompt the viewer to open and save the device in their Awair Home mobile app.



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