How secure is my data? Will Awair ever sell my data?

Your indoor air quality data is sensitive data about your home and it should be stored in the most secured way as possible. Your data can only be accessed by you and the Awair engineering team who might need to access it to troubleshoot your device. Awair runs off of Amazon Web Services and you can find out more about their security standards here

Any data available through the API is abstracted so an individual's information is never visible to the public. Awair encrypts and stores all information over TLS (Transport Layer Security) and AES 256 bit encryption to ensure security.

Awair will never sell your data. We respect our customers' privacy and will never sell data to an outside party. We ask for a limited amount of data in order to improve the app and to provide you with better insights. For more information, please read our complete privacy policy.

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