What is Awair Business?


Powerful Business Solutions

Awair offers enterprise-grade, air monitoring solutions for businesses seeking to optimize the health and wellness of their indoor environment. Awair Business is ideal for offices, real estate, universities & schools, hospitals, hotels, and anyone looking to improve the quality of their air while improving their bottom line.

Real Results

Awair Business clients have seen:

  • Increased profit from boosted productivity, decreased absence rates, and healthcare costs
  • Balanced heating, cooling, and ventilation systems to improve air quality, while saving on energy costs
  • Stay WELL certified with comprehensive, exportable data
  • Provide a premium service to clients for air quality assessments or services

Awair Business Package

Our business package gives our clients everything they need to manage air quality in spaces of all sizes, whether your space is 5,000 or 5,000,000 ft2.


  1. Awair Omni:  Designed exclusively for business, with enterprise-grade sensors to track the factors that impact your indoor air quality

  2. Awair Dashboard: Visualize, export, and explore air quality trends from multiple Omni units in one simple, easy-to-use portal

  3. Enterprise API: Take full control of your air quality data using our API to automate your air quality solutions, or to dive deeper into your own insights

Simple and Customizable

Getting started is simple, setup and installation takes less than 2 minutes per Omni unit.

Our package can be customized for any type of business, including real estate & property management, corporate wellness, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, consumer services, and many more.  

Premium Support

Awair Business clients also have a dedicated team for account management and prioritized product support to ensure each client gets the most out of their Awair products.

Get Started

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