Placing & Caring for Awair 2nd Edition


Your Awair 2nd Edition is a finely-tuned instrument, designed to monitor the key factors that determine your indoor air quality using the best sensors available. In order to keep your Awair functioning properly, please review the basic principles and best practices outlined below.

This overview includes:


Proper Placement

Placing your Awair in the right location for the right amount of time will ensure that you are getting the most from your air quality readings.  Below are our recommendations for finding the optimum space for Awair in your home

Place your Awair within reach

In most homes, placing your Awair at standing height is the best way to ensure your Awair will have a strong Wi-Fi connection.  To help your Awair operate as long as possible, we recommend avoiding direct sunlight and keeping it out of overly dusty areas with minimal air flow, like floors or the corners of rooms.

Give your Awair some room to breathe 

Your Awair needs air flow to provide an accurate sampling of your air quality. Give Awair at least two inches of clearance from walls or other objects on front and back side. Placing your Awair in a crowded space may skew its readings.

Initial calibration and ongoing placement

We have rigorous selection and production process in place to ensure maximum level of accuracy and consistency for Awair. It is very important to let Awair be exposed to fresh air within one week when setting it up the first time. We call this the “initial calibration period”. Within a week, and more often within a first few days, Awair will be fully calibrated against the environment.

We have a built-in ongoing calibration algorithm to ensure the consistent reading. Please make sure to expose it to  fresh air at least once, every week to help the process.

Each Awair covers approximately 1,000 square feet. You can easily move it around but frequent changes in Awair’s location can make it difficult to assist historical trends in your air quality, as air quality can differ greatly behind every closed door. Generally speaking we recommend finding a permanent spot for your Awair to live.


Caring for Awair

When cleaning the outside of your Awair use a soft, clean, lint-free cloth. Do not use water, cleaning solutions or any other liquids. To clean your Awair, disconnect it from the power outlet and gently wipe it with a damp towel.


Awair & Safety

Please, do not attempt to disassemble your Awair. Not only is this very dangerous, this may permanently damage its housing and internal components. It will also void your Awair’s warranty.

Please use the provided USB cable and power adapter to power your Awair. Awair’s power connector is not bidirectional, and will be damaged if used with any other devices, or power adapters.

If your accessories are damaged or need to be replaced, please reach out to us so we can help!

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