How to adjust your Awair 2nd Edition’s Display

Product: Awair 2nd Edition



Your Awair 2nd Edition’s display can be fully customized to show your current air quality readings. You can control how Awair displays your current air quality readings from the app and by interacting with the product itself.


This overview includes:


  • Bluetooth 4.1 enabled smartphone or tablet, running iOS 9 (or later) or Android (4.4 or later) with Awair app installed in it.
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, with routers in mixed access mode (802.11b/g/n).
  • Awair Element device plugged into power supply and connected to app via blutooth


Awair 2nd Edition’s Display Modes

Awair 2nd Edition allows you to set your default display to show the current value of an individual air quality factor: Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Chemicals, and Dust (PM2.5). You can also set the default display to show current time like a clock or to show Awair score indicating overall air quality status.


Default Display Mode

To set default display mode in your Awair App,

  1. Open your Awair app

  2. Tap on the 'gear icon' to navigate to your Awair’s Settings

  3. Tap 'Awair display'

  4. Enable 'Customize Default Display'

  5. Choose your preferred display mode (Awair score / Individual air quality factor / Clock)

Knocking Awair to manually adjust the display

When you knock on the top of the wooden frame twice you can switch between display modes temporarily. The secondary display will show for 10 seconds before going back to the original display mode. Make sure you firmly knock twice on the top middle portion of the wooden frame.


Toggle switch to manually adjust the display

You can manually check the real-time sensor readings by toggling up and down the switch on the rear-side of your Awair.


Adjusting Brightness of your Display

You can choose the brightness level of your display using three modes in the Awair App.



Auto Helps adjust the brightness of Awair’s display based on the light in your room
Sleep It turns off Awair’s display when your room is entirely dark
Manual Helps choose the brightness by dragging the slider to the left or right



To set your brightness level:

  1. Open your Awair app

  2. Tap on the 'gear icon' to navigate to your Awair’s Settings

  3. Tap LED Brightness

  4. Choose your preferred setting

You can completely disable Awair’s display and only access your current air quality readings through the app. Set your brightness to manual, and drag the slider all the way to the left.


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