Awair vs Awair 2nd edition

After successfully launching a couple of top selling IAQ monitors in the market including Awair, we wanted to build a product that goes even deeper on focusing on issues that impact consumers. Awair 2nd edition has a key update and a multiple small improvements compared to Awair 1st generation(aka “Awair”).

Awair 2nd edition has the well loved aesthetic of the original Awair. Not only does it hold the visual charm of Awair 1st generation, but it exhibits the utmost accuracy and has improved sensors. Even better, the Awair 2nd Edition is equipped with more useful customized features for those who care about their air health and safety.


Key new features

Awair 2nd Edition hones in on “Fine Dust” (aka “PM2.5”) with laser accuracy. Fine dust is extremely dangerous as it is invisible and can be breathed in, absorbed into the bloodstream, and cause or exacerbate major health issues like asthma and heart disease. The EPA recommends no more than 24-hour exposure to high fine dust, although no amount of PM2.5 is healthy or beneficial.

If you learn more what affects fine dust have on our health, read more here.


Other updates

Easy to set up: the process of setting up Awair 2nd edition is simplified.  There is no passcode required along the way of setting up. Awair pairs with your phone without asking passcode and as soon as Awair pared with your phone, it show you the wifi list you can choose and connect.

Power with USB type C: the new generation is powered by USB type C which means it is more flexible and powerful and also, it is faster to transfer data.

Wide options for personalizing your Awair: you can easily customize Awair display - Score/Clock/Each air quality factors  mode- for example, if you concern chemicals level because your family have allergic, set the Awair display on Chemical only mode

Toggle switch: without your smartphone, you can know each air quality factor level with the toggle switch on the new Awair.

Enhanced VOC sensing technology: Awair 2nd edition’s VOCs sensor and its index are updated in accordance with technologies and current researches about Air quality effects on our health and security.

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