How to read Awair Element’s Display

Product: Awair Element


Awair Element is packed with handy interactions to make your product easy to use. Review this guide to learn more about using your Awair Element. It is designed with your health and comfort in mind. This guide will help you understand how to understand the information presented on Awair's display.

Awair Element's Display

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Awair Element's LED Status Light

The LED light in the upper right-hand corner of your Awair gives you a quick snapshot of your current air quality:

  • Green: Good air quality

  • Yellow: Acceptable air quality

  • Orange: Moderate air quality
  • Red: Poor air quality

  • Purple: Hazardous air quality

This light will also help you understand your Awair Element’s current connectivity status:

  • Blue: Bluetooth pairing mode

  • Purple: Wi-Fi pairing mode

  • White: Reconnecting to Wi-Fi, or Updating its firmware version 

  • Blinking: Searching, connecting, working, waiting

  • Solid: Found, connected, done, meaning the job is finished

Awair Score 

The Awair Score indicates overall air quality status. You can customize your Awair Score by adjusting your interest in the Awair app.


Awair Element's Display Dots

For each air quality factor (Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Chemicals, Fine Dust), you can see its associated range with index dots, indicating where your reading falls within our healthy ranges.

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