System Requirements and Supported Mobile Devices

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This article introduces the requirements to use an Awair Element. 

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System Requirements

You will need the following to get started on your Awair Experience:

  1. Wi-Fi Internet Connection (Awair is only compatible with 2.4ghz)

  2. A smartphone or smart tablet with the latest iOS or Android operating system

  3. Latest Awair App and an Active Awair Account

Using the iOS and Android Awair Home App

To download the Awair Home App, please use this link.


Unsupported Mobile Phones and Wi-Fi Routers

Mobile Phones Awair officially does not support

  • Samsung Galaxy S3

  • Samsung Galaxy Grand2

  • ASUS Nexus 7

  • Xiaomi Hongmi

  • Amazon Fire Phone

Wi-Fi Routers Awair officially does not support

  • Zyxel (in Mixed WPA/WPA2 security mode)

  • Ubiquiti (in some configurations)

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