Why do multiple Awair devices produce different VOC readings?

Why do multiple Awair devices produce different readings?

When comparing device readings it is important to consider that each device has its own unique baseline due to the individual sensor's sensitivity to the air, so clean air is needed for multiple sensors in the same environment to find the absolute TVOC concentration based on the relative difference between the unique baseline and the detected signal per sensor of the concentration of VOCs in the air.

What this means is that a device should be exposed to fresh air to re-register/recalibrate to a 0 baseline, if moved from its originally calibrated environment. If the unit is moved unexposed to fresh air, the readings will take the previous space's readings as a baseline. 

As a calibration method, we reccomend exposing the two (or more) sensors be to “clean” (e.g. outdoor) air for approximately 30 minutes, while connected to power.

If you continue to have questions about VOC calibration, our support team is here to help, reach out to us at hello@getawair.com.


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