Customizing Your Awair Dashboard

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Adding Users To Your Organization

*Reminder: You can add as many users as you would like. The Dashboard subscription is per device, not seats or accounts!*

    • Click on the icon on the upper left hand corner to bring up the side menu. 

    • Click on "Organization Settings". On the next screen, click the blue "Manage Roles" button.

    • The “Manage Roles” box will open and you will be able to invite/manage/delete accounts and assign permission-based roles.

    • You’ll see a window open that lists the current people in your organization. Click the blue “Invite” button and add that person’s email and select the role you want to give them.

      • Organization Managers have the highest level of access and can create new locations, invite new managers and members, edit device settings, control user permissions, and remove users. They can create new Locations and invite new "Location Managers" and "Location Members." 

      • Location Managers are a step below Organizational Managers. Location Managers have the same permissions, but these permissions are limited to their specific Location. They can upload, manage, and view devices within their designated Location. They can also add new Location Members and Location Managers for their Location.

      • Location Members have read-only access for their specific location.

*Note: a single use can be assigned multiple levels of access per organization. 


Managing Your Devices

    • Click on the icon on the upper left hand corner to bring up the menu.

    • Click on “Device Management”. On the next screen you should see all of your devices. Connected devices will be blue; disconnected devices will be grey; expired subscription devices will be red.

    • Hover over the device card that you want to manage with your cursor and click the down-carrot/arrow that appears.

    • You will see all of the details of the device. You can change the LED setting and the Location by clicking on the  icon on the right side of the card.

    • You can also reboot the device by clicking on the red “Reboot” button. Please note, this feature is only applicable when the device is online.

Setting Up Your Notifications (Alerting)

    • Click on the icon on the upper left-hand corner to bring up the side menu.

    • Click on “Alerting”. On the next screen, click the blue "Create Alert" button.

    • You will see the first step of a 4-step process to create an Alert. Follow the prompts to set up the Alert for one or more of your devices. You can create as many alerts as you’d like and select the recipients you’d like to receive these notifications.

Uploading Your Floor Plan(s)

    • Click on the icon on the upper left-hand corner to bring up the side menu.

    • Click on “Floor Plan”. On the next screen, select a floor from the “Floor List” on the left-hand side.

    • Click the blue “Upload” button and select the floorplan file (in .JPG or .PNG format) you’d like to add.

    • Drag and drop that floor’s devices (listed on the left-hand side) where they are located on the floor plan you’ve just uploaded.

Changing Your Temperature Metric

    • Click on your email address with a down-carrot next to it on the top right corner of the screen to bring up the menu.

    • Click on “Personalization”. On the next screen, you should see the option to select what temperature metric you’d like your dashboard to be in.

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