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Activating Your Enterprise Dashboard

  • Create an Awair Dashboard Login:

  • Create an Organization:

    • Follow the prompts to set up an Organization for your building or customer. This is NOT for a specific device but for your company/organization. 

  • Create a Location:

    • Click on the icon Screen_Shot_2020-11-24_at_5.54.36_PM.png on the upper left hand corner to bring up the side menu.

    • Click on "Organization Settings”. On the next screen, click the blue “+ Add a Location” button.

    • The “Create Location” box will open and you will be able to type in the name of your new location and press “Save”.

    • Repeat the above steps if you have multiple locations.

Your dashboard’s Location hierarchy allows you to see and organize your devices once you have them onboarded. Each Location can have Floors to reflect how your devices are arranged in a building, and you can manage multiple Floors within one Location.


Setting Up Your Awair Business App

  • Download the “Awair Business” app:

Once your devices have arrived, it is time for you to add them to your account.


Onboarding Your Omni Devices

  • Adding your devices:

    • Open your “Awair Business” app and log in.

    • You will be prompted with a screen saying “Onboard New Devices”.

    • Select how you’d like to connect your device. (You will do this for each of the devices that you’ve purchased.)

    • Follow the prompts to fully set up the device and assign the device to a Location you have previously created. If you need help, click the “?” button at the top right of the screen to Contact Us or View Instructional Manuals. 

    • Repeat the above steps for all of your new devices. Please note: You may onboard at one time up to 5 devices for Wi-Fi and up to 100 devices for LoRa. You may onboard more at a later time (in a different session).

  • Using the App Device List:

    • Click the button on the bottom left of the screen to take you to the “Home” screen of your Device List. Here you’ll see all of your locations and the devices within each. 

    • You can click on each device separately to see the sensor readings per device.


We encourage you to finish setting up your online Dashboard soon after onboarding your devices to fully utilize what the Awair Business Solution has to offer. 


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