How Do I Change Temperature Units?

Awair Omni is manufactured primarily as a cloud connected indoor air quality monitor that can be used in many countries around the world (including but not limited to: United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, European Union, Japan, China, Australia, and New Zealand). By default, Omni is programmed with temperature units reported in degrees Celsius (ºC). However, because Celsius is not a universally accepted standard, Awair provides the option to change temperature units on both the device display as well as our digital interfaces.


Awair Omni Display

via Dashboard Device Management

[Support] Managing Devices in the Awair Dashboard



via Dashboard Developer API

PUT - Device Display




via Awair Business app

  • Setting the Omni device display temperature units is not currently possible via the Awair Business app.
  • However, there is a section to change the device display.





  • These settings only modify what is seen on the Awair Dashboard and do not modify the device display settings.



Awair Business app

  • These settings only modify what is seen in the Awair Business app and do not modify the device display settings.




Dashboard Developer API

GET - Device Air Data (e.g. /latest)

  • This query parameter only modifies what is returned by the endpoint request and does not modify the device display settings.



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