Cleaning Your Awair Device

Product: All Awair models


This article provides the basic DOs and DON'Ts when cleaning your Awair devices. 


DOs and DONT's When Cleaning Your Device


  • We recommend just dusting the device with a soft, lint-free cloth. If there is a visible dust bunny, as a cleaning technique, it is recommended to use a slightly moistened q-tip.
    Note: The dust hole opening is delicate and anything too invasive could cause damage that may affect the device's accuracy.  
  • It is also recommend to use a micro fiber cloth which will attract the dust particles as they're wiped away, avoiding the risk of 'pushing in' the dust into the device.
  • If objects are stuck in your device's sockets or it requires additional cleaning, or if you begin to see changes in your dust readings or lack of sensitivity after cleaning the device, please contact our Customer Success team. We'll be happy to support you with repair options. 


  • Do not use water or other liquid cleaning solutions as this may cause electrical problems.
  • Do not insert objects into your device's electrical socket or ventilation holes as this may cause bodily harm or permanently damage your device. 


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