Wrong Temperature Readings


All Awair sensors are pre-calibrated by the manufacturer and go through batch testing and calibration in a controlled environment chamber to achieve the maximum level of accuracy. In the rare instance that temperature readings are 'off' or inaccurate, please provide us with information listed in the next section when you submit a support ticket so we can determine and troubleshoot the issue better. 

Note: Temperature sensor cannot be recalibrated.


Information Required

Please share with us details of the following:

  • Is the unit being powered by the original power adapter and cable?
  • Is the power source plugged directly into the wall?
  • Is a surge protector or extension cord being used?
  • Is an electrical converter plugged in?
  • When moving the unit to another space, do you observe changes in the temperature reading?


Please include the device serial number (located on the rear of the device (beginning with 7088), shipping address (in case of replacement), and the proof of purchase (for warranty options) in the support ticket. 

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