Setting up your Scheduled Trigger


Schedule triggers should be used if you want the device plugged into your Glow to be triggered during a specific time frame. Let's get started!

  • Plug-in the device you want to use with Awair Glow on. Please make sure your device has a mechanical power switch.
  • Choose the device from the icon list after you select AWAIR+ tab on the app
  • Select 'Schedule' under Trigger to automate your device based on the air quality. Click on 'Set it Now' to set the time for turning the plugged in device on or off 

  • Set your 'On' and 'Off' time. You can also select which days of the week you want this trigger to turn on or off for. Blue days designate days that the trigger should run while gray days are days are that are off. See below for a sample of a scheduled trigger to run between 9 AM to 5 PM on Weekdays.  Click on 'Save' to save the trigger

  • You can see schedule you set by looking at 'Trigger by Schedule' section of the Awair+ tab  

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