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"Please don't reset your devices if you are with Awair V1, Glow, or Glow C"

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Thank you for your long-term support of Awair devices! We wanted to update you with information on the future of our device support.


Awair has made it possible for you to know what’s in your air since 2013. With our first devices lasting up to eight years, many of our oldest devices (Glow/Glow-C/Awair V1) are no longer able to update firmware. Though they still accurately measure your air, we will be sunsetting these oldest devices starting on November 30, 2022. What is sunsetting? Your device will still perform the same quality air monitoring, but the data it collects will no longer be accessible via the Awair Home App. Additionally, the Hobbyist API will no longer be serving any requests.

How to identify device models and features that will close by Nov. 30 2022 > 

Awair is experiencing healthy growth that puts an additional workload and cost on our platform. In order to scale our core functionality cost-effectively, we are prioritizing our resources into scaling our core services that are supporting the functionality. Regrettably, we are currently unable to put our resources into fixing the following features of the Awair Home App, so we will be temporarily removing them until a new version of the app is available for release:

  • Logging into app using Google Sign-In and Facebook Sign-In
  • Push notifications system
  • Integrations with IFTTT, Google Home, Ecobee, Sensi, and SmartThings
  • Amazon Alexa in-app controls (can still be controlled through Alexa device itself)
  • Outdoor feature

If you have any questions about your device's future support, please reach us at https://support.getawair.com/ so we can work with you from there!


Breathe easy knowing that you’re tracking the invisible.

The AWAIR team

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