Controlling Your Environment with Glow Triggers

What are triggers?

Want to turn your “non-smart” device into a smart device? With Glow, you have customizable triggers that activate everyday devices such as air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and fans to better your air quality even when you aren’t home!

To begin, open the app on your mobile device and select the Glow you’d like to use. Tap on the Awair+ icon  in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Scroll through the list of appliances and select the one that you plan to plug into Glow, such as a heater, humidifier or a fan. Select one of the three types of triggers.



Triggers your “non-smart” device to turn on or off whenever Glow detects motion.  If no motion is detected for 10 minutes, it will turn the device off.

Example: When you walk into your office, Glow can turn on a fan to keep air circulating.


Triggers your “non-smart” device to turn on or off during a specific period of the day.

Example: Glow can turn on a humidifier a few hours before you go to bed, and turn it off after you get up, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep.


Select the air quality trigger to activate and deactivate your “non-smart” device when air quality reaches a particular threshold.

Example: Turn on your air purifier when Chemicals (VOC) level reaches 849 ppm.

The air quality trigger also acts in conjunction with the other triggers. You can trigger your “non-smart” device to turn on or off when your air quality reaches a particular threshold and is either scheduled to activate or is detecting motion. To use Air with another trigger, select Air and tap the Edit button below. This will open a page that lets you adjust the air quality threshold for turning the “non-smart” device on, and will also let you activate trigger or set a schedule.

Example: Between 9AM and 5 PM, turn on air purifier when Chemicals (VOC) level gets above 849 ppm. If motion is detected, turn on air purifier when Chemicals (VOC) level gets above 849 ppm.  


Can I get notifications when Triggers are activated?

Along with setting air quality triggers that help you improve and maintain your indoor air quality, you also have the option to receive notifications that keep you informed when Glow activates your non-smart device.

How do I turn on notifications?

1. Tap on the Settings icon. dxrcYZ-F_z3LHEoBzjWOaRfJYFnhYWXkFTTWieSlZMZ4ltUVe_fP0dRO8V8A2Fq1YuZMcMOiFd0Gw8Uu46J_XIxCH1JYjPgWBD7fvySxppZQ0oHvgQ00gtUCrK1t0knLBk_S6F3bUHc-T6sHkZXJsSxIIiWFclU5tfS4-QhkVJ60z94_h6Hxady84TlTt_dKfJukO87k4_5.jpg
2. Select Notifications. XFXHR-OzVoJFb7iSFrFDrw-L-CIHG-b-FRi7m7tN6YmREbl9u9jh1VwZwv79hPov5qRnvlx5_7zJ7_AqdT6oDWfiewApk1PhhKnRiicFNBdCX-ySWfMA4T668UKzKQwFEQWs6uzuaoBS4wnqiuSZdfuff-aUcQLNdqszikQZ1vb7qqtXsPOB6eBJ1yJBjsoiBw3AHoy6RkT.jpg
3. Toggle the Trigger switch to "On." 4KJ_vTEBsjlrPuHEQCcnoaIhfxHIW4edLVA4x9Ya7LwgEif1R0utQCy5BRHB0IQJxccl7ugjaKW2bKL2ZdmjGrLzGNg7YX6XfreaWdAGriEST0ddl8hKbEJFg1vkOKPJV6Ybhz4-QlMX_TzYgI_sS0EtxvYRANpq1R4Ge2zprsvgIajQrXNLP9Bau81f8qEdtk_3qxrT9bU.jpg

When Glow’s Outlet turns on or off, you will receive a push notification and an update in your app’s Notifications inbox letting you know that the device has been turned on or off, as needed.

Example: Your VOC levels are rising. Your air purifier is now turned on.

As your air quality stabilizes, you will receive a notification letting you know that your device has been turned on or off, as needed.

Example: Glow has reached a steady state. Your purifier is now turned off.


When indoor air qualities are particularly unstable, the last thing you need is repetitive trigger notifications. That’s why after two repeat on/off notifications, you’ll receive the following notification:

Glow in Living Room has been turning on and off frequently. It will now snooze notifications while it works to improve your air, and will notify you when it reaches a steady state.

What happens if I manually press a button on the Glow while my triggers are on?

Any manual interaction with the Glow will override the triggers you have set. You can do this at anytime to manually power down any device plugged into Glow.

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