Resetting Awair Element to Factory Default Settings


You may encounter some issues (e.g. connectivity issues after moving or changing locations, device behaving abnormally) where you may need to restore your device to the factory default settings to get it up and running again. This article provides the steps to perform a device reset.

Note: All historical data are backed up to our servers and will not be deleted when you perform a factory reset.



  1. Locate the reset button at the back of your Awair device. The reset button will be next to the power cord, in a vent hole.

  2. Press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds. You'll see a progress bar move from left to right as the Awair completes the Factory Reset. Do not release the button until it animates to 100% across the screen, and then it will disappear.
  3. Once it reaches 100%, you may release the button. This will remove all settings on the device and return it to Bluetooth Pairing Mode (blue pulsing LED at the top right). The device is now ready to be onboarded again with the Awair app.
  4. To onboard the device, open the Awair app and tap the (+) symbol on the Device List screen to get started. You can reconnect to it as you did during the setup process.



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