Can't Enter the 4-Digit Code During Setup

If your mobile device has been previously paired with Awair, or if you’ve been able to partially pair with Awair but have not been able to finish the pairing process, it's possible that the Bluetooth connection profile has already been stored in your mobile device.

When you pair the device again, the device might show the bluetooth PIN code again, but don’t worry. Because your phone or tablet still remembers the profile, the app itself will skip that step, and it will go directly to the ‘Connect to Wi-Fi’ step.  

If you want to clear the profile completely and start setup entirely from scratch, delete the Bluetooth profile before you reset your Awair. To delete the Awair device from your device’s Bluetooth settings: Navigate to Settings > Bluetooth, tap the 'info' icon next to Awair, and then tap ‘Forget this Device.’ 

You should be able to return to the Awair app to finish the setup process.

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