Resetting Awair 1st Edition

How do I reset my Awair?

There are two ways to reset your Awair 1st edition: a reboot (sometimes called a power cycle) and a factory reset.


Power cycling a device is usually the first step in troubleshooting. If your Awair is exhibiting any unusual behavior, this is usually a good first thing to try. To power cycle, your Awair, simply unplug it for 20 seconds and plug it back in. It will automatically reconnect to your network.

Factory Reset

A factory reset will remove the current Wi-Fi data and reset your Awair back to the same state it was in when you first pulled it out of the package. Resetting your Awair will not delete any of your historical data.

  • Locate the reset button on the back of your Awair. The reset button will be next to the power connector, in a vent hole.

  • Press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds, until you see a new passcode and blue LED light on the front display of your Awair. All preferences previously saved on your Awair will be deleted, but your account information will not be removed.
  • Open the Awair app and tap the (+) symbol on the Device List screen to get started (upper left side of the screen for iOS, bottom of the device list for Android). You can reconnect to it like you did during the setup process.The historical data that you had is backed up to our server and won’t be deleted.

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