Automate your "non-smart" devices

Awair Glow plugs directly into the wall and can power on your “non-smart” devices the moment your air quality drops.

There are three types of triggers: Air, Time, and Eco-Motion. 

How to get started with Glow:

  1. Plug-in a device into Glow. Make sure the device you have plugged in is powered on. 
  2. Choose the Awair+ tab on the app. Select the type of device you have from the icon list. 
  3. The Awair recommended default settings will automatically activate your device when needed. We've built Awair Glow to know when to turn on and how to improve your air quality. 
  4. You can also customize the triggers to turn on your device when you want.

 This product may not be available in all areas. Click here to check availability and purchasing options.

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