Resetting Glow

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This article describes in more detail the steps to reset your Awair Glow and perform basic troubleshooting.


The following are methods are involved in resetting Glow:

What Does Resetting My Device Do?

Resetting your device is the first step for troubleshooting unusual Glow behavior. Rebooting or performing a Factory Reset will solve the majority of setup, sensors, trigger, and connectivity issues. 

You can perform these reset steps during your initial device onboarding or to transfer device ownership. When you reset your device, either by Rebooting or Factory Reset, you will not lose any historical data. This data is on our cloud server and will be available to you when you log into the app. If you have deleted Glow from the Awair app, you will be required to perform a full Factory Reset before onboarding your device.  

Reboot (Power Cycle)

To Reboot or perform a “Power Cycle” on Glow, unplug the device from its wall socket for 20 seconds and then plug it back in. Glow will remember previous settings and should automatically reconnect to your WiFi network. Rebooting Glow will not remove it from your Awair App, nor will it cause Glow to lose any previous data. Power Cycles are recommended for all first troubleshooting attempts.   


Factory Reset

To perform a Factory Reset, press and hold the power button on the front of Glow for 10 seconds. A blue light will begin blinking, indicating that Glow is ready to be paired via bluetooth to your phone. Follow the standard on-boarding process in the Awair App to proceed.

A Factory Reset is a more extreme version of the Power Cycle and will return Glow to the default settings from when it was first removed from its packaging. Glow will not lose historical data, but you will have to repeat the standard onboarding process. A Factory Reset will delete all previous WiFi settings, Preferences, Names, Spaces, Triggers, and other integrations. You will be prompted to create all of these settings anew during the onboarding process.


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