Setting up Awair Glow with Android 8.0

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This article describes steps to address connectivity challenges for phones operating on Android 8.0. Due to a recent Google update, this phone does not support the Bluetooth pairing step required for all Glow onboarding processes, but here are two effective workarounds we have developed.  

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On-boarding Glow Using Another Phone 

Due to a Google update regarding the Android 8.0’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity, these phones cannot be used for the initial pairing process during Glow onboarding. Android 8.0 phones can still download the Awair app, log in, and use the full range of functions. The easiest workaround is to use another phone with a compatible operating system (Android 4.3-Android 7.0, Android 8.1+, or iOS 8+) for this initial Bluetooth onboarding requirement. Download the Awair app from this alternative phone, log in with your Awair account, and proceed with the onboarding steps. After you have completed the onboarding process, you can then log back into your Android 8.0 phone to manage Glow’s functionality and monitor your air quality. If you initiate a factory reset at any point, you will need to repeat this onboarding process. 


Upgrading to 8.1 

Glow is completely compatible with Android 8.1. Upgrading your phone’s operating system from Android 8.0 is the fastest and most convenient fix. 

We sincerely apologize for the strain and burden this issue has caused our users, and we want to do whatever we can to help you get your Awair products online. Please reach out to us if these steps are not feasible for you. We’d love to help!


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