What is Awair 2nd Edition?

What can Awair 2nd Edition do?

Awair equips you with the insights to understand and control your indoor air quality. Awair’s responsive and accurate sensors will let you know the moment anything happens your environment, helping you stay safe and breathe easy. Awair also gives you personalized recommendations that are proven to improve the health and safety of your indoor air.

What can Awair 2nd Edition detect?

Awair’s sensors identify five key factors that determine your air quality with accuracy: temperature, humidity, CO2, chemicals (tVOCs), and fine dust(PM2.5).

Accessing and Using Awair 2nd Edition data

Using the Awair App, you can review real-time air quality data and track your air health over time. Your Awair Score is a color-coded scale to povide an at-a-glance understanding of your air quality.


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