Glow C Triggers

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 This article introduces Glow C triggers and basic functionality. 

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What are Triggers?

Triggers are core to Glow C’s smart plug functionality. They allow you to customize when devices that are plugged into Glow C are powered on and off. These triggers are automated and programmed to respond to environmental factors (air quality), schedule, or motion. Triggers can also be programmed by third party applications such as IFTTT. 

To set a trigger, open the app on your mobile device and select the Glow C you’d like to use. Tap on the Awair+ icon in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Scroll through the list of appliances and select the one that you plan to plug into Glow C, such as a heater, humidifier or a fan.  


On/Off Switch 

Pressing the power button on your Glow C device or in the Awair app will override your pre-scheduled triggers. You can use this functionality to manually power down devices that are plugged into Glow C. 



You can only set one Glow C trigger at a time. Keep in mind that Glow C responds to pre-set index levels. You can customize triggers further by using third party services such as IFTTT. 



Glow C will send notifications to your mobile device when triggers are activated. This allows you to verify that your device is functioning as expected, and provides greater insight and control over your environment.  

For example, when Glow C’s outlet turns on or off, you will receive a push notification and an update in your app’s Notifications inbox letting you know the current device status. 

When indoor air quality readings are unhealthy, you will receive two repeat notifications to alert you to the current situation. After the initial notification and the reminder notifications are sent, all additional notifications will be muted until the air quality stabilizes so as not to overburden you with alerts.

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