Glow C Trigger Types and Settings

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This article provides instructions on how to setup Glow C Triggers and explains the range of Trigger functionalities.

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Air Status

Glow C can trigger the power switch to turn on or off in response to indoor air quality readings. Air quality reading triggers will act in conjunction with other types of triggers, such as time schedule or motion. To customize device triggers to respond to air quality changes, use the following steps:

  1. Select the “Awair+” tab in the Awair app and choose your connected device from the icon list. From a fan to a heater, we’ve got it all!

  2. Under “Trigger,” select “Air Status” to automate your device based on real-time air quality data. Click on 'Edit' to customize the threshold at which the connected device will turn on or off. 

  3. To customize the trigger further based on time schedule and motion settings, navigating to 'Additional Settings' in the Awair app. Based on the type of connected device Awair provides recommendations. These threshold can be further customized using the slider.




The Eco-Motion setting allows you to trigger Glow C to respond (by activating the light, powering on a connected device, or sending a push notification to your smartphone) when movement is detected near the device. Glow C will return to cease the action in question if no motion is detected for 10 minutes.




To program Glow C trigger around your desired time schedule, use the following steps:

  1. Select “Awair+” in the Awair app and choose the type of device you’d like to trigger from the icon list.

  2. Under the “Trigger” menu, tap “Schedule” to automate your device based on time parameters. Click on 'Set it Now' to set the time frame when you’d like Glow C respond to air quality readings (and trigger the attached device), and when you’d like Glow C to conserve energy.

  3. In addition to setting time parameters for triggers, you can set a specific time that you’d like your device to power on and off within the Schedule tab. You can also select which days of the week you want this trigger to operate. Blue days indicate days that the trigger will be activated and gray days represent days when the trigger will be deactivated. Once you’ve updated your ideal schedule settings, click “Save” to save your changes.


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